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Brand History

The Hutchison name may be traced to Leith in Scotland as far back as the 16th century. Records indicate that James Hutchison (spelt Hutcifon in the 1700’s) was a wine merchant there in 1750. At that time there was a great trade in spices between Britain and its colonies and this enterprising merchant experimented by combining ginger root, wine, alcohol and various exotic spices. The result was an all-natural rounded whisky coloured drink with the warm aroma and taste of ginger, that was given the family name and is known today as Hutchison’s Spiced Ginger Wine.

The passing years saw mergers and consolidations until 1994 when the ‘Hutchison’ brand name along with ‘Deerstalker’ was purchased by Glasgow based company Aberko Limited.

Today four drinks bear the Hutchison's name:

Hutchison's Spiced Ginger Wine
Hutchison's Ginger Cream
Hutchison's Whisky Mac
Hutchison's Ginger 21

The goodness of Ginger

Ginger, derived from the underground root ('tuberous rhizome') of the Zingiber officinale perennial plant has been used in Asian herbal medicine for in excess of two thousand years. It is used in the treatment of numerous conditions and is recognised as promoting digestion. It was one of the earliest oriental spices known in the West and was valued equally as a medicinal and culinary spice.