Aberko Limited is a small independent spirits company that produces and sells its own brands in the United Kingdom and overseas. A limited company it was incorporated in 1994 and is based in Glasgow, Scotland. The company portfolio is a combination of acquisitions and in-house development. All bottlings take place under our supervision.

Our objective is to develop a network of agents, distributors and retailers in all key markets, to responsibly present the portfolio to as wide a customer base as possible and to remain faithful to the principles set out by the founders of our brands.   

Aberko brands:

Deerstalker Whisky, Black Top Whisky and Hutchison’s Ginger drinks

Deerstalker Whisky

The ‘Deerstalker’ name has been associated with  whisky as far back as 1880 when its name first appeared on a whisky bottle.
There are four separate whisky expressions: Blended (pure) Malt, Highland Single Malt, Limited Release and Wild Scotland single cask.

Black Top Whisky

Black Top is a deluxe blended Scotch whisky.
It features a green bottle and cream label with the Black Top name and inscription ‘Honestus et Beatus’. It comprises a selection of fine grain & primarily Highland single malt whiskies, brought  together to create a  blend that is balanced and easy to drink.

Hutchison's Ginger

The Hutchison’s name has a long association with ginger and traces its origins back to the port of  Leith, Scotland and the year 1750.

Known for our Ginger wine, there are three Hutchison’s drinks all based on the original ginger recipe.