Hutchison's Ginger

Brand History

The Hutchison’s name may be traced to Leith in Scotland as far back as the 16th century.  Records indicate that James Hutchison (spelt Hutcifon in the 1700’s) was a wine merchant there in 1750.  At that time there was a great trade in spices between Britain and its colonies, and this enterprising merchant experimented by combining ginger root, wine, alcohol and various exotic spices. The result was an all-natural rounded whisky coloured drink with the warm aroma and taste of ginger, that was given the family name and is known as Hutchison’s Ginger Wine.

The passing years saw mergers and consolidations until 1994 when the ‘Hutchison’s and ‘Deerstalker’ brands were purchased by Glasgow based Aberko Limited.

Today three drinks bear the Hutchison’s name

Hutchison's Ginger Wine

Ginger Wine

Hutchison’s Ginger Wine is a combination of the finest root ginger, spices, and grape wine.

The result is a beautifully balanced ginger drink with the mouth feel of a wine yet the aroma and taste of ginger and spices.

Produced on a small batch basis Hutchison’s captures all the goodness of this herb in liquid form.

Although tradition suggests ginger wine is a winter warmer, try our ‘Ginger Sparkle’ – 1 measure Hutchison’s  to 3 x Cava or Prosecco.

70cl bottle @13.5% abv

Hutchison's Ginger Cream

Ginger Cream

Using our knowledge of all things ginger we created a cream liqueur based upon ginger.

It has the smoothness of a cream but is infused with natural ginger plus a hint of dark chocolate.

Lighter and less sweet than most creams, Hutchison’s Ginger Cream may be consumed at room temperature or chilled.

50cl bottle @14% abv

Hutchison's Whisky Mac

Whisky Mac

We started with our Hutchison’s Ginger wine then we took an aged Highland Single Malt whisky and blended them together.

That is only part of the story. We refilled oak whisky casks with the Whisky Mac to allow the two contrasting flavours time to marry, and the result is a rich rounded  Whisky Mac with oaky notes and a deep whisky/ginger flavour.

50cl bottle @ 17% abv